Google Chrome Browser Shortcut List

Today I have collected A Big Range of Google Chrome Browser Shortcut list.
Here a Complete Short Cut List of Google Chrome Browser.

1) F3 & CTRL+F Search on Page

2) F5 Reload

3) CTRL+D bookmark
 4) CTRL+W close Google Chrome Window

5) CTRL+E enter search query at address bar

6) CTRL+R Refresh

7) CTRL+T New Tab

8) SHIFT+ECS Chrome Task Manager

9) Ctrl+K Delete a tab

10) CTRL+0 to set font size back to default

11) Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch to previous tab

12) Ctrl+9 – Switch to the last tab

13) CTRL+U view source

14) CTRL+O Open Web Page

15) CTRL+H History

16) CTRL+J Download File History

17) CTRL+B Show/Hide Bookmark Toolbar

18) CTRL+N New Google Chrome window

19) CTRL +/- Increase decrease Fonts

20) CTRL+P Print

21) ALT+D Select Address bar

22) CTRL+TAB or CTRL+PGUP/PGDW switch between Tabs

23 ) ALT+left Arrow/Right Arrow Go Backward / Foreword

24 ) ALT+ ` Java Debugger

23) CTRL+SHIFT+N Private Browsing (New incognito window)

If You find any new Shortcut please Drop it in Below comments .
So Start Using this Shortcut to save your Time.

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