Xp Phone-Worlds first Mobile Phone Runs With Windows XP Operating System

We Know Mobile Device Running On Operating system like Symbian, Windows or Android but this time ITG Group has Used Windows XP as the operating systems on its next mobile phone project, known as xpPhone.
Lets Check Its Main feature

  1. 1.AMD Super Mobile processor with Memory up to 1 GB
  2. Touchscreen  With 4.8-inch TFT LCD Display 
  3. Dual hard drive HDD and SSD
  4. Supports 2G and 3G network standards – HSDPA and EVDO 
  5. CMOS camera for taking pics or capturing videos 
  6.  Integrated GPS
  7. supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 
  8. talk time up to 5 hours and QWERTY keyboard  
Coming SOON.................

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