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Lots Of Internet User Like Download files from Torrent sites.Today torrent is the most popular method To download anything.But its take long time when you search a files from different sites .so today i have found a interesting software for search torrent files from desktop.
TorrentFetcher is a freeware desktop client lets you search straight from a desktop program and quickly start the transfer in your BitTorrent client of choice. To determine the quality of any given torrent files it has green color coding for Best quality  red color coding for bad quality and white colour coding for medium quality  torrents.

  Key feature of this program 
  • Search through multiple pages of torrents at once.
  • Minimize-to-tray option to keep the utility handy at all times.
  • Automatic detection and removal of "denis stalker" trackers using the MonoTorrent library.
  • Results highlighting lets you know if a torrent is well or poorly seeded or if it has negative comments left about it.
  • Know which torrent files you already have in your downloaded folder through automatic highlighting.
  • Automatically launch downloaded torrents.
  • Automatically move downloaded torrents to a specified output directory (good for bittorrent clients that monitor a specific folder, like uTorrent). 
So friends lets enjoy real torrent search  from your desktop.
Download TorrentFetcher

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