Download Opera 10.5 pre-alpha

Browser developer Opera Software has officially Released  its New Opera 10.5 pre-alpha for Labs.  The Opera 10.5 pre-alpha is currently available only for Windows and Macs, but a Unix/Linux version is said to be coming later.

Lets Check whats new on this release

  • Carakan:Carakan is new JavaScript engine. It’s fast, more than 7x faster in SunSpider than Opera 10.10 with Futhark on Windows .

  • Vega:Vega is our new graphics library. It’s currently software based and displays everything you see on-screen. Vega can be hardware accelerated

  • Private tab and Private window:You can open a new Private tab or Private window that forgets everything that happened on it once closed.

  • Address field and Search field improvements:Both fields have been upgraded in looks and functionality. They can now remember searches, support removing items from history and show results in a better layout.
Download Opera 10.05 Pre-alpha

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