How to Get Approved for Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a great source of earn  money through internet.The first to this is to get approved Adsense account by Google Adsense.Most of the new bloggers Enter into blogging only because of Google adsense..but lots of blogger face difficulty to active their adsense account .because Now a days Google Adsense  team is more strict and getting an adsense account approved is not that easy task.

Some  tips & Tricks to get your adsense account approved:

Write Original  content:

Content is king so Always write original content.Write your content According to  adsense program policies. Dont apply  after writing 2-3 articles. So try to apply for adsense account after 25-30 original articles.

Age of blog :

Dont Apply After Blog age 2/3 days. According to the latest Adsense program policies, your blog must be 6 months old to get approved for adsence.

Use professional Type theme :

Make Sure  that your blog must have professional looks and it must be optimized too . Correct your dead links.

Buy And Use your own domain name :

You must buy your own domain name before applying for an google Adsense account. Buying your own  domain not only helps in getting approved by adsense team but it helps your site in other ways too. 

Use valid address  :

Lots of user face this types of problem.They dont Enter Their orginal and details address so they get rejected by google You must provide valid name and address while filling the application form

I hope you got something usefull information from this happy always .

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