Comodo Time Machine:Instantly restore your system Easily

Comodo has released a new system software Name Comodo Time Machine (CTM).its allows user to  restore entire computer system to an earlier point (including  registry, critical operating system files and user created documents and lots of).

Key Features of Comodo Time Machine

  • Comprehensive system recovery
  • Easy to use - even beginners can quickly create system snapshots with a few mouse clicks
  • Provides instant and comprehensive system recovery after virus or spyware infections
  • Instantly reclaim your machine after devastating system crashes
  • Easily create system snapshots
  • Boot-up console allows you to rollback even when your system will not boot to Windows
  • Right click on any file or folder to synchronize it with a snapshot version
  • its freeware
  • for more click here
Download Comodo Time machine 

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