How To Update Windows XP,Vista And 7 Without Internet Connection

As the Security specialist Windows Updating is most Important part of our PC Security . Regularly  Operating system company releases  new security updates files to secure your windows against spyware,adware  , Malwares,Virus .So its very important to Update  Operating system Regularly.

But its not possible to update your operating system without any internet connection.Heres the  solution.
Autopatcher allows user to download windows update file without any internet Connection. You can download update and keep it your Hard Disk ,so next time when you install a operating system you don`t need to download windows update file again.

So lets start 

  • Download Autopatcher ,install and run it 
  • Select a operating system 
  • Now select your operating system type  32bit or 64 bit .Most of the  people using 32 bit,so select X86 instead of X64
  • Select all the updates and download 
Now you can use these updates file to update windows for any PC without any net connection 

Download AutoPatcher 

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