Download Epic Browser – Web browser for India with Built in Antivirus, 1500+ Sidebar Apps

The Epic Browser is the first-ever web browser for India. The Epic Browser is built on the Mozilla platform and opens the web pages at lightening speed.

With the help of Epic, the user can browse the files in (My) Computer, listen to the Latest Soundtracks, check the News updates, Live Cricket Scores, search for Jobs, Type in any Indic Languages, change the Themes and Wallpapers and do a lot more with the help of its slim sidebar.
The main features of Epic are: Maximum Security, Malicious Website Warnings, Anti-Publishing Protection, Fast Browsing and Downloads.

Security features:
  • Built in Antivirus & Anti-spyware Powered by ESET NOD32: Scan downloads automatically. Scan your system manually. Epic eliminates any viruses it finds. Totally free.
  • Malicious Website warnings: It warns you if you’re about to visit a web site known to host viruses or malware.
  • Anti-Phishing Protection powered by WOT: The domain name is also written in Bold, so you know if you’ are at or
Privacy features:
  • One-Click Private Data Deletion.
  • One-Click Private Browsing.
  • Flash cookie deletion built in. (The first browser ever to kill them).
  • No Browsing Reports. Epis does not store your browsing or search data.

Download Epic Browser  (10.6 MB)


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