BTCL ADSL Broadband Internet Package and Modem

BTCL has Introduce New High speed Broadband Internet Service Name BTCL ADSl Broadband Internet Service .BTCL provide High Speed internet 128kbps to 2Mbps.BTCL provide this service with EMEM Systems limited .You can enjoy this BTCL broadband service at cheap rate.

btcl Broadband

BTCL broadband Package  

There are 2 types of Package 
  •  Postpaid Package 
  •  Prepaid Packgae
Postpaid Package

Prepaid Package
BTCL Broadband  Modem 

BTCL Offers 2 types of Modem 
  • Model:HUAWEI MT882a ADSL Modem Price 2500 TK
  • Model:UTSTARCOM UT-304R2 ADSL Modem Price 
If you Interested about BTCL Broadband Visit BTCL Website and get your connection Now

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