Warid Internet Package with Details

Warid  Bangladesh has Introduce Warid internet service at least 2 years ago but Warid  can`t take any Position in internet service against another operator.Warid  Internet Using EDGE technology to maintain his internet service.lets Check Details of Warid internet 

warid internt modem

 Package Of internet 

Warid offers 2 types of package 
  • Postpaid Package -750 TK( 3GB)
  • Prepaid Package -Per KB 2 Paisa 
There are no any Unlimited package for customer 

How to Active Warid Internet 

When you put your Warid SIM in your mobile for the first time, you automatically receive the settings for GPRS/EDGE services over SMS (one for MMS, one for internet and one for WAP). By simply saving these SMS, you will be ready to enjoy our Mobile Internet services.
If you have accidentally missed to save these settings, you can request for them again using your Warid Menu, Go to “My Stuff” menu and click on:
Multimedia Settings> Reset Settings then you will get again this settings.

How To Active Warid Internet Manually 

If your handset does not get the automatic settings for some reasons (e.g. less known model, very recently released handsets etc.) or you want to manually put down the settings information, you need to manually configure GPRS & MMS Settings.

intenet Settings
WAP Settings
MMS Settings
Connection Name
Warid Internet
Warid WAP
Warid MMS
Data Bearer
Access Point Name (APN)
Access Point Alias (for some handset)
Warid Internet
Warid WAP
Warid MMS
User Name


Proxy address

Proxy port



Gateway IP Address

Connection Security

Connection Type

Dial up no

If you need any type of information just Comments below i will try my best.

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