Grameenphone Internet : Good Or Bad ? A Review of Gp Internet

Grameenphons is the largest mobile operator of Bangladesh. Grameenphone provides data service with voice service. Grameenphone is the largest Internet service provider of Bangladesh. It's  a minimum 20 Millions  net subscribers. 
GrameenPhone provides  EDGE technology internet Service. EDGE is a GSM 2.5 technology but not 3G, often referred as pre-3G.
After launch EDGE internet service Grameenphone has Picked up quickly lots of customers with quality Net speed and Biggest coverage.
However, few years later its take slow internet service, most of the of the User Unsatisfied because of the high number of customer presser specially for Dhaka Zone.
Customer complains against grameenphone service and shares their experience with others via the internet. .
One Comment I have found in the internet who use gp internet.
I am a P2 subscriber. That was so painful speed for me.
I am using a business solution postpaid connection.
In the website, They say 8 kb minimum and 32kb speed vast able.
My average speed was 4 to 5 kb. I am unhappy.
Many customers unhappy with Gp internet

I have found few  major complain against grameenPhone internet.
·        When Customer talk with Gp customer executive about slow internet they say use our Gp internet Modem then you will get maximum speed. . .its Sucks that's not true it's a just evasion.If their network response well you can get maximum speed.
·        Another Complain against  their customer executive is when you call customer care about slow internet speed they asked you what's your Current Speed ?? If you said 5-6KBPs they said it's enough speed. . . It also said if you get 4KBPS+ speed you complain not acceptable. . .
·        High billing about 980 Tk monthly unlimited and 1Gb=345Tk

However, we have no any other Choice for better this Grameenphone internet. . .

Even so, i Think Gp Internet has some Positive side like.
Outside of Dhaka, Gp internet gets well.
Best internet service against another Mobile Operator
Gp Spreed internet anywhere of this country like rural area
My first internet was Gp  because in my area, I don`t found another Solution. .You can use Gpthe Gpinternet in your laptop. Share your experience with me.. . Just drop your comments below.

to know the details of GP internet Read This Post Details of GrameenPhone Internet

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